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Chuck Hoffmann

Chartered Senior Financial Planner

Chuck Hoffmann began helping educators save money in tax deferred 403b annuity accounts while a school teacher himself. After seeing his clients prosper, he left teaching and formed his own financial consulting company in San Francisco where he continued to help local business owners and professionals with their retirement planning, risk management and personal insurances.

Now after moving to La Quinta, Ca., he still is advising pre-retirees and retirees as to how best to safeguard their hard earned money. With clients living longer, good planning, including using safe contractually Guaranteed Single Premium Immediate, Fixed, Fixed Index and Deferred Annuities, as well as Retirement Insurance Contracts, will provide clients with 100% safety of principal and potential growth. In addition, their retirement account and income will never decline due to stock market volatility nor will they outlive their retirement income if they utilize a Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider.

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