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Market Linked Certificates of Deposit

Is your Money Earning “Minimum Wage” OR “Executive” Interest Rates?

All investors want to get the highest return possible with the greatest safety. Not easy in this world of 1% or less interest rates for savers. Retirement and saving accounts earning <1% in CDs and Money Market accounts are really working for “Minimum Wage” rates. No one works at minimum wage unless that is the only option open to them.

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How Much Do I Need to Save?

Many Americans realize the importance of saving for retirement, but knowing exactly how much they need to save is another issue altogether. With all the information available about retirement, it is sometimes difficult to decipher what is appropriate for your specific situation.

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A New Chapter for Retirement

John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” This is certainly true of preparing for retirement. If we continue to expect that the ways of the past will see us through to our futures, we will be left behind. The methods that helped prepare us for retirement are quickly disappearing, and we must start using others.

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What Is a Stretch IRA?

Finding a method to leave a lasting legacy to your loved ones without increasing their tax burdens can be difficult and complicated. A “stretch” IRA may be a useful approach that can benefit your heirs for generations to come.

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What Is an IRA Rollover?

If you leave a job or retire, you might want to transfer the money you’ve invested in one or more employersponsored retirement plans to an individual retirement account (IRA). An IRA rollover is an effective way to keep your money accumulating tax deferred.

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